Emerging Trends of New Generation Adolescents in Cambodia

After coming back from South Korea, I have noticed several main activities that Cambodia adolescents involving these days for leisure activities in their free time (or take advantages from their school time) in online games, social media, and Wi-Fi hotspot cafe. Through the growth of internet connectivity nation-wide, Cambodian adolescents enjoy this advanced technology to having several main purposes such as information gathering, knowledge sharing, playing with friends and building friendship virtually, and entertaining themselves…etc. (1) Online games: it’s growing everyday. Kids are ended up in game shop and spend hours to accomplish their levels and build up skill as well as increase their points. They are forgetting their meals and school. These online games are not only for adolescents but also adults. Cambodian adolescents stop playing games with card memory and plug in into TV as 10 years ago. Those games are required high capacity of graphic card installed in computer. In addition, adolescents can play and communicate with each other at the same time. It’s so-called social games. The game shops are appeared in crowded places in the heart of capital city, Phnom Penh.


Social Media: Concept, Benefits, and Risks

I.  Introduction:

Social media becomes the most influential media around the globe in this digital economy century. It has changed the behavior of people interacting between them, doing business, and absorbing knowledge/information. Everyday new services of social media are created to fulfill organizational goals. Social media is a kind of collective intelligence platform. Succinctly, social media permits new opportunity for transforming from user consuming content perspective to user generating content perspective. Therefore, users are able to create and share their contents on social media platforms. Technically, social media is a web-based technology enabling individuals or groups to socially interact among themselves. The growth of social media consumption has been hugely increased recently [1]. Continue reading

Is there anyway to change these awful homepages?

This morning I was coming up with the idea of looking through all newspaper websites in Cambodia. I found something in common is Ads banner. Their websites look squeezing with many Ads banners. I think there should be some other ways to deal with this. Of course, this will generate revenues for all of them. In addition, the companies whose are making Ads prefer to be on the first page, Homepage. (You can have a look at the pictures below.) Could you imagine if there are 10 or 20 Ads more will be added in this newspapers’ homepage? I think people will suffer from downloading these meaningless to them; and it might take several minutes to finish a homepage view with slow internet access (or by mobile phone) in Cambodia. Economically, I think people agonize from those Ads on those homepage. I think the newspaper companies should reconsider to adjust their homepage to look better rather than to be greedy in advertising.



Lesson of The Day on The Art of War

Today I have spent more than one hours to watch the Art of War by Sun Tzu. I have learned several good lessons from the historical movie. Sun Tzu developed “The Art of War” strategy in 200 B.C. This strategy is still using and trained in famous military university like West Point. The core concept has been modified into business strategy for Multi-National Corporations. These are several lessons I have learned:

1. To win your enemy is not to outfight him, but to outthink of your enemy.

2. Understand the situation and be silent are the key to win the war.

3. The Ultimate Lesson From Warrior is Better Not to Fight.

These lessons sound interesting and meaningful behind the core ideology of Sun Tzu.

You can find the videos on http://www.history.com

Mind Tool Technique – Six Hat

I have come across interesting article about mind tool technique called “Six Hat”. It is very critical concept to look at different perspectives of opinion. It enables people to make decision from which point of view you are looking at. Which hat are you wearing, you will present that hat? It is very interesting concept to me and would like to find out in more detail. I have attached the link file providing short description about SixHat method.

Download and enjoy!